First Couch Surfing - 17. September 2009

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When we arrived yesterday at our first couch surfing, we felt very welcome as we set foot in our hosts house. What a wonderful experience! Nancy, Sylvain, Kim and Tommy and their lovely two dogs made us feel so very confy! It felt like coming home to dear old friends. We had dinner together, yesterday and today, enjoyed a drink and talked about anything and nothing way into the whee hours, made business ideas and just enjoyed each others company.

The kids too connected immediately and they had a great time with games, sports and lots of music. They invented a new language that they call „Frenglish“ and did exchange email addresses and promised to write to each other in the future and hopefully visit ASAP. Now, suddenly it makes sense to Andrin and Roman why they will need to learn English and French.

I truly hope to be able to get a chance to host our new friends in Switzerland and to return the hospitality and wonderful time we had experienced. We all hope they will visit us sometimes in the near or far future.

Merci beaucoup

Couch surfing as well as house sitting are the best two new things we were able to experience on our trip so far!