First day on board - 25. Juli 2009

shapeimage_2 27png

We have been asked many times: What will one do six days on a ship? Well, let‘s say so much: „This first day was pretty stressful!“

First we had to find the children individual program locations. Not knowing exactly where they were (walking up and down a 345 m ship three times takes considerable time). In the mean time we missed a speech on „the history of skyscrapers in NYC“.

Second we wanted to get the 360 degrees ocean view, which made us walk the entire outside decks up on one side and down on the other (two times 345 m .... you get the point).

By noon we had to select in which of the endless many restaurants (10) we wanted to enjoy our lunch. The boys came back and were all excited about their programs and friends they made. So after lunch, they took off again. Time for us to explore the library (the largest one at sea) and look over the shoulder of the captain at work (behind glass).

Then we went to the on board theater and enjoyed an adaptation of „Othello“. In the mean time, the weather changed and the sea got pretty rough. Waves of up to 2,5 m made (and still make) the ship to roll (side to side movements).

How to best describe that? Well, you don‘t need any alcohol in order to feel drunk.

By 4.30 p.m. we had to collect the boys and rush back into our room (which is not easy when you walk like a drunk!), had to get showered and all dressed up for the Captains reception (see pictures) followed by a lovely formal dinner. We are still sitting next to a lovely family with two boys (age 7 and 9). Here two short dialogues from this evening:

Xavier (the 7 year old) picks his nose, Beth (his mother) tells him: „You know you should not pick your nose! Stop it right now!“ Five seconds later, Xaviers finger is in his nose again, Beth looks at him with a stern look and says: „I told you to not pick you nose!“ Xavier answered: „Well, I only needed to get the booger back!“

Later: Andrin ordered Beef. The waitress takes his order and asks: „How would you like your meat - medium?“ Andrin looks at her with big eyes and looks over to me and asks: „Mami, what shall I order: Small, medium or large?“

By now the boys are relaxing in our room, and we are getting ready for the upcoming „Royal black and white ball“.

Pretty busy day!