House Sitting no.II - 17. August 2009

shapeimage_2 40png

Today we wanted to apply for another housesitting job for above lovely large and „white“ mansion. We know that the owners have a dog and bees as pets and that they are away from home quite frequently, so we are certain, they have use for us. We would also take good care on the lady of the house‘s vegi garden. We believe that taking good care of the bees and the little dog would not be any problem to us. However, when visiting the house today, we saw a few nasty and rather large black dogs around the house ... we wouldn‘t want to sit those! But it seams that they have their individual owners (heavely armed by the way).

Andrin and Roman were all fond of the new basketball court and meeting the two lovely girls.

Unfortunately we did not find the doorbell and it seams that the man of the house cannot be reached on his blackberry any longer...

We do not give up the hope of housesitting again, YES WE CAN!