How often do you... - 26. August 2009

How often do you decide to go back to the restaurant you have just eaten? When we travel, we follow the philosophy ,been there done that‘... and try a different restaurant every night. So statistically it is very seldom, that we go back to the same place twice. In fact, we should probably write an international restaurant guide based on all the places we went back to or wanted to go back to again.

Well, there is that restaurant in Garmisch Patenkirchen, where we had that incredible lamb shank, to which we considered a four hours drive worth returning. There is the „Train Bleu“ at the Gare de Lyon in Paris where you can get the very best of Chigot with potato Gratin to which we returned more than twice. Then there is „Le Wäddele avec son salade de pomme de terre“ in the „Cheval blanc“ in one of the many picturesques villages in the Alsace.

... just to name a few. And of course there is that one place in Venecuela that, while on our honneymoon, we wanted to return to, but ended up in a horrible car crash just in front of the restaurant, that we acctually never got a second serving there!

Thinking about this, the fact that todays‘ lobster dinner at „Robinson‘s Warf“ in Boothbay Harbor (Maine) was so delicious, that we consider returning there tomorrow, might bring us into jet another troubled situation .. but you know what: we don‘t mind!