Scared the hell out of me! - 3. September 2009

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Roman just wanted to quickly return to our house in order to get his pocket knive. I tell him to get us two drinks while he is there. Reto tells him, that the house is locked and he needs to take the key with him and be sure to lock the house afterwards!

I keep on writing on the beach, Reto is carving some neat tools out of driftwood and Andrin keeps playing with his fort. In the meantime Roman gets to the house, stands on the balcony and yells towards the beach: „Mami, the door was wide open, I did not need any key to get in!“ Hello... why was the door open? Did somebody get in? I call up: „Look back on the dining room table, is my camera there?“ He returns into the house, gets back on the balcony, is all pale and yells: „No mami, the house is pretty empty!“

Shit, holy shit... the house got broken into! Shit, all our laptops (but mine) and all cameras and passports were in the house. They cannot be far, we are just sitting next to the house.

I take a step backwards to access the situation. When I realize the car is gone too!! Hey, wait a minute, that is impossible! I clear my head, look around to discover: Roman just ended up in the neighbors house!