Whos idea was it in the first place? - 26. Juli 2009

The rough sea got worse ... the waves got up to 4-5 meters last night. Dancing at the ball got pretty difficult! One did not really know what happened to the legs and the feet seamed to be on their own little agenda...

So we decided to go to bed. As our room is located at the bow (front), we did not only get the rolling but after a wile the ship got pitching (the ships lengthways up and down movement). It was really scary!!! You could feel the ship go up, your stomach turned and it fell down with a huge crash sound. The boys slept through the entire storm, Reto got sick and helped himself to travel sickness medication - and I put all the bags and containers ready ... just in case. Sometimes during the night, crawled up like a baby, I fell asleep in order to wake up this morning at calmer sea! I am very glad that non of us four had to vomit.

Everyone on board seamed to be happy with tea and crackers this morning, half the boat got sick, staff must have been so busy cleaning up everything - everybody is in slow motion today! Let‘s not hope for such an awful experience again - and my thoughts are with all the sailors who went out to sea in not such a stable ship ... and rougher sea.

Already bought more medication ... just in case!

First time I thought = Flying would have been better!

As for the day: busy again! Reto and the boys were jogging 5 times around the boat while the boys used the wind and their „Heelys“ to drive half of it (looked very smart)! We did take a ballroom dance class „Walzer“, eat way too much again (but very lovely indeed!), checked out the ship once more (found an indoor pool) and attended „Impassionato“ a stage show after dinner and Reto and I danced our legs sore at the 50 / 60ies music night in the ballroom ... in between Roman and I took a nap, Andrin went to the game room and Reto read at the library. What we missed: an art auction with over 200 paintings (not one even close to what Halde Galerie offers!!), a wine tasting seminar, bridge or watercolor classes and a Catholic Mass with Father Joseph Mirro.

Still no sign of boredom!